UBK2C 100

Utopic R Smart Lock with Wireless Keypad

Utopic R Smart Lock with Wireless Keypad

Utopic R is the world's smallest motorized cylinder smart lock. You can fully lock/unlock your door from your mobile phone or via wireless keypad. Utopic R even pulls door latch after unlocking. With its fully wireless and rechargeable battery structure, you can use it for a long time without recharging. DESi Utopic R can be installed to your door in 1 minute.

Utopic R Specifications


- World's smallest. Diameter: 50 mm Length: 59 mm (without cylinder)

- Works with mobile devices. Utopic R has embedded Low Energy chip and ISM 434 MHz communication capability.

- Charging by micro usb adaptor

- Extendable telescopic cylinder structure up to 12mm

- Extremely easy 1 screw installation

- Suitable for all Euro Profile Cylinders

Wireless Keypad Specifications


Utopic-R can open your lock with single-use or fixed-time codes. With this OTP (One Time Password) system, you can create codes that will be valid for a certain period of time without connecting to your smart lock. These high-security codes can be used for a single entry or can be used unlimited times within the date range you specify. In addition, if you do not have an OTP keypad, you can send a one-time code to your guest and your guest can open your door with Utopic mobile APP. You don't need to be near your smart lock or your smart lock does not need to connect to WiFi.

With the wireless keypad, you can unlock your door using your password. Mobile phone compatible version also allows you to use standard Desi products with your mobile phone.

Power: 2 X AAA 1,5 V alkaline or lithium batteries

Indicator: Led activation indicator

Material: ABS , P/C

Communication: High Secure Wireless Communication Structure , Mobile Phone (optional)

Dimensions: 63mm x 84mm x 16,5mm