Piks Classic FRC80 Smart Lock with Lithium Battery

Piks Classic FRC80 Smart Lock for Steel Doors with Remote Controller and Fingerprint Reader

This entry system, which is significantly more reliable than conventional key systems, opens the door for you by your fingerprint. Powered by Primery Lithium batteries, this system can fully lock and unlock up to 10.000 without changing the battery. This system can also be controlled by a remote controller.

Piks Classic FRC80 Specifications


- Special electronic design with Lithium batteries capable of 10,000 full unlocking

- Built-in structure that does not disturb the aesthetic appearance of the door

- Full control of the lock with a fingerprint

- Intelligent design that does not prevent the use of lock with key

- Rolling code remote control technology

- Electric operating option (requires additional adapter)

Fingerprint Reader Specifications


The wireless fingerprint reader module, which can be mounted on the outer face of the door or on the wall, operates through a 500 DPI capacitive reader sensor. This device, which can learn a total of 1900 fingerprints including 3 authorized fingers, has been awarded worldwide with its fingerprint evaluation algorithm. The new fingerprint learning and fingerprint recognition process takes less than 1 second, and the module exhibits high performance on children's fingers, old fingers and female fingers, which are difficult to recognize with other fingerprint modules.

Remote Controller Specifications


In fixed-code controls, the RF code is always the same when the button is pressed. DESi remote controls use rolling code technology. Rolling code technology works briefly as follows: 1) When you press the button of the rolling code control, an encrypted code is spread as RF. 2) When you press the same button again, a different RF code is spread in encrypted form. The same code dos not broadcast again. The DESi controllers are broadcasted at the frequency of 433.92 MHz which is approved by the Telecommunications Authority.

Inside the Box


1 x Control Unit

1 x Optical Fingerprint Reader<

1 x Remote Controller