Fingerprint Reader + KEYPAD

Fingerprint Reader + KEYPAD Specifications


The wireless fingerprint reader module, which can be mounted on the outer face of the door or on the wall, operates through a 500 DPI capacitive reader sensor. This device, which can learn a total of 100 fingerprints including 3 authorized fingers, has been awarded worldwide with its fingerprint evaluation algorithm.

The new fingerprint learning and fingerprint recognition process takes less than 1 second, and the module exhibits high performance on children's fingers, old fingers and female fingers, which are difficult to recognize with other fingerprint modules

- Power: 2 X AAA alkaline battery

- Material: Zamak, P/C

- Communication: High Secure Wireless Communication Structure

- Figerprint Sensor: UPEK steel-coated

- Fingerprint Memory: Up to 100

- Compatible Devices: All DESİ products