Midline WS

Midline WS Remote Control


Desi Midline WK Keypad Specifications

- Central unit with LED warning light for outdoor

- Up to 6 remote control learning

- 8 wireless zone

- Compatible with DESi wireless sensors

- Internal battery against power failure

- Double sabotage protection against disassembly and opening of the cover

- High sound level up to 105 dB

- Integrated LED flash and activation light

- Integrated siren

Remote Controller Specifications


In fixed-code controls, the RF code is always the same when the button is pressed. DESi remote controls use rolling code technology. Rolling code technology works briefly as follows: 1) When you press the button of the rolling code control, an encrypted code is spread as RF. 2) When you press the same button again, a different RF code is spread in encrypted form. The same code dos not broadcast again. The DESi controllers are broadcasted at the frequency of 433.92 MHz which is approved by the Telecommunications Authority.

Compatible Accessories


Inside the Box


1 x MIDLINE WK LED Lighted Center Unit

1 x Wireless Magnetic Contactor

2 x Remote Controller

1 x Battery