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Utopic S - UFC 80

Utopic S and Wireless Fingerprint Reader Set

DESi Utopic S can be easily installed to your door with its completely wireless and CR123A Lithium battery operated structure. By wireless fingerprint reader Utopic S can fully lock/unlock your door and even pulls latch after unlocking. Utopic S offers you comfort and safety with its advanced features and high technology. DESi Utopic S can be installed to your door in 1 minute.

Utopic S Specifications


- Can be installed to almost any door operated by cylinder

- Intelligent design that does not prevent the use of lock by key

- 3 x CR123A lithium batteries, up to 5500 full locking or unlocking without battery replacement

- Full integration with home automation systems with wireless communication infrastructure

- Diameter: 50mm Length: 60mm (excluding cylinder). Extendable telescopic cylinder structure up to 6mm. You can request for special sized cylinders that fits to your door.

Fingerprint Reader Specifications


The wireless fingerprint reader module, which can be mounted on the outer face of the door or on the wall, operates through a 500 DPI capacitive reader sensor. This device, which can learn a total of 100 fingerprints including 3 authorized fingers, has been awarded worldwide with its fingerprint evaluation algorithm.

The new fingerprint learning and fingerprint recognition process takes less than 1 second, and the module exhibits high performance on children's fingers, old fingers and female fingers, which are difficult to recognize with other fingerprint modules

- Power: 1 X CR123A lithium battery

- Material: Zamak, P/C

- Communication: High Secure Wireless Communication Structure

- Figerprint Sensor: UPEK steel-coated

- Fingerprint Memory: Up to 100

- Compatible Devices: All DESİ products


Desi Utopic S Ürün Videosu

Desi Utopic S Ürün Videosu