Utopic, world’s most compact and smallest auto-rotate wireless cylinder, offers you to have a keyless living.


In addition to its stylish appearance, utopic has a powerful electromechanical structure. We take a single block of aluminum and put it through a sophisticated milling process to create a durable and seamless design. All control board, wireless communication components, gear motor and batteries fit in to 60 mm knob for

Utopic 2 .This diameter is only  mm for Utopic S.


Utopic has everything you need as an access control device. Wireless fingerprint reader gives complete keyless flexibility, with almost full support for children, women and men fingerprints. High secure rolling code remote controller works on 434 Mhz with super-fast performance free from interference. Whereever you are, GSM or PSTN line interface provides to open the door by entering password through your phone’s keypad.

We are also working on bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces for use with the latest wireless devices, so you will be able to connect your smartphone and tablet soon for operating utopic by using password or smartphone’s built-in fingerprint reader.


Utopic has the same installation process of ordinary cylinders. You'll install Utopic with only one screw and enjoy. Utopic is suitable for all the doors which have mortise lock operated by cylinder.


Even it has a wireless communication structure, energy-efficient electromechanical design makes utopic last for up to 1 year on battery power. Exclusive RF technology gives up to 2 years of standby time.


No one have to wait when they want to open or lock a door. This is why utopic locks and unlocks a door in just two seconds. Utopic 2 is powered by 5x AA size alkaline batteries and Utopic S is powered by 3x CR123A lithium batteries for seamless operating speed.


Utopic 2 Specs



- Fully automatic locking or unlocking up to 8.000 times (3 turn locks) for Utopic 2

-Suitable for All Mortise Locks Operated by Cylinder
- Totally Wireless.
- 434 or 868 MHz Working Frequency
- High Secure Communication Structure
- Controlling Options:
- Remote Controller
- Wireless Capacitive Fingerprint Reader
- GSM / PSTN Line Interface
- Wireless Optical Fingerprint Reader
- Wireless Keypad
- Wireless RFID Reader
- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC Integration

Diameter: 50 mm
Length: 60m (excluding cylinder)

MATERIAL and Electrical Specifications

Engraved Aluminum with ABS parts
Utopic 2 is powered by 5x AA type alkaline batteries.
Utopic S is powered by 3x CR123A type lithium batteries.


* For Utopic 2, test is done with 5x Duracell AA alkaline batteries and for Utopic S, test is done with 3x Duracell CR123 lithium batteries. Motorized cylinder installed to 1 stage mortise lock. Every operation (locking or unlocking) counted as 1. Those values are highly depended on working conditions of door and lock.




 Fingerprint Reader

Totally Wireless
- 100 Fingerprint Memory (3 + 97 user)
- 508 dpi Capacitive Fingerprint Reader with < 0,1% EER
- Led Graphic Display
- Hidden Touch Buttons
- 434 or 868 MHz Working Frequency
- High Secure Communication Structure

Width: 74 mm
Length: 114 mm
Height: 16 - 34 mm

Painted Zamak with Semi-transparent PC.

Powered by 1x CR123A Type Lithium Battery


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